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I then saw a train coming west, just west of Ecoust.  I caught up with the train from behind.  It was a short one composed of about four closed and three open trucks.  The latter were full of boxes. We were 150 feet above it, and I dropped the one single bomb remaining on the right side, but it fell behind the train.  The other four fell on the second closed truck behind the locomotive. The explosion knocked back my observer, who was leaning forward, and made my machine sway.
        ...... Lt. P.C. Campbell, RFC, describing a night attack on
               German trains, 11 Nov. 1916..
The aerial war in World War One... an uncharted frontier........
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Soon I discovered that I was not meeting a beginner.  He had not the slightest intention to break off the fight.  He was travelling in a box [DH-2] which turned beautifully.  However, my packing case [Albatros D-II] was better at climbing than his....  The circles which we made around one another were so narrow that their diameter was probably no more than 250 or 300 feet.  I had time to take a good look at my opponent.  I looked down into his carriage and could see every movement of his head.
       ...... Rittmeister Manfred von Richthofen, describing his engagement with Maj. Lanoe Hawker on 23 Nov. 1916.
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