Since Activation....
This site is no longer an active squadron flight, as our pilots, with their aerial war complete, have hung up the leather jackets and had the planes parked under the tents in the aerodrome. 

With that quaint beginning, I have decided to leave this site active as a download site.  Our planes work in both CFS 1 and 2 (I do not know if they work in CFS 3).  The scenery, as I understand from a former member, does NOT work with CFS 2.  Also, if you use the planes in CFS 2, your Quick Combat file will not work properly, and will need some adjustments. 

Nevertheless, I have seen a number of people STILL flying CFS 1 and 2, and thus these planes are still viable items out there.  As long as they are, I will offer them for download.  When the day comes when CFS is no longer a used program, then I will drop the planes from the site, but keep the information up for interesting historical reference. 

I have cleaned up the site a little, removing a lot of the extranaeous and unnecessary items.  Sorry former members... I eliminated the archive pages.  HOWEVER, I kept them as a graphic, and have them on my computer.  If you really need to see them again (LOL!!!) then drop me a line!

Finally, for my buddies currently deployed... keep up the fight, as we do here.  And especially for my tanker and cav buds... I will see you in Fiddler's Green.

(for those who do not know:   Victory or Death is the inscription for the 32nd Armored Regiment)