Bibliography:  sources used to prepare this site and the simulation add-on.......
Who We Are..........
The Ritterorden Group was a team of virtual flight enthusiasts.  We flew squadron type missions online using the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator I.  While we no longer fly missions, this site is still available for downloads. 

While the scenery does not work for CFS 2, the planes do.  We hope you enjoy the aircraft as much as we did!
Ritterorden developer:  Russ Rodgers
Russ is a currently a military historian and adjunct university professor.  An Army veteran (tanks / infantry / military intelligence), he specialized in Soviet weapons and tactics and designed combat simulations for battalion and company level officers at Ft. Knox, KY.  Moreover, he has worked as a political consultant, and is the veteran of over 60 state legislative races and several presidental campaigns.  He was a member of the League of WWI Aviation Historians, the 3rd Armored Division Association, and is still currently with the Armor Association.  He recently left uniformed service with the Army and is today an Army civilian.

Army units served with:
2/32 Armor Bn, 3 AD  Germany
4/37 Armor Bn, 194 Arm Bde  Ft Knox, KY
1/134 Infantry Bn, Neb. Army Guard
1/195 Armor Bn, Neb. Army Guard
1/108 Armor Bn, Geo. Army Guard
E/108 Cavarly Trp, Geo. Army Guard
HHC 359 Signal Bde, Army Reserve Ft. Gordon
A special thanks:  we want to thank Doug Attrell, who does work with Simviation, among other things, for his first class adjustments to the panels......  solved a number of little, but irritating, problems.

Matthew Ward of Pegasus Aviation Group, who developed some specific WW I machines for us.

Also a thanks to Mark "Beyond Ace" for his excellent work on the Jasta 11 and RFC 56 Logos.
Bibliography:  sources used to prepare this site and the simulation add-on.......
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At the controls of a Cessna 172
In the driver's position of the WW II German Panther II tank